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Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is a poem/speech I wrote on human/animal mentality. Enjoy!!!(^u^)
We all slip and make mistakes, and when we do we can forget whats real. We could loose touch with reality so fast we dont notice it. Sometimes you need to let the wind in. Open the heart, the mind, the eyes, your soul. Being open is a supirior character, but sometimes the door must shut so we are not rendered a fool. The real world is thought. Someday in the future we may understand the fascinating content of thought of a cat and dogs mind. Today we in the present are creating a harsh, but scattered with morals, past. But we are saving and storring and starting and stoping to create a bright and honorful future. I am letting the wind whistle in my ear and I hear it saying "The war is over, the peace has returned, go home and paint." But instead I stand at the beach waiting for what makes us human, conflict. Through the vast journey of my life I have asked a dosen question, but one has been boggling my mind. Am I looking out or looking in?

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