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Friday, July 8, 2011

MOTHER MONSTER, FAME MONSTER(again Im not shouting! Ok, now I am (>->)

This the second picture for the set EVOLUTION OF THE MONSTER. This picture is called mother monster. Monster is someone who reveals the unjudging truth. I chose this analogy because the 'monsters' are shunned from society, because people are used to what is false. Like Galileo. When he proposed the Copericus solar sistem (in which the Earth and other planets evolve around the sun) to society he was arested because it was illegal to go againts the Ptomaic system (in which everything evolves around the earth). Like Buddha said 'A man who speeks beautifuly, is a lier.' In other words, the Ptomaic system made people on Earth feel important and special, being the center of the universe, even though it was wrong. Lady GaGa is a monster because her philosophy is that everyonre is an artist, and art is all about different perspective , so if someone judges someone else because of their different perspectives would be judging someone for their undenyable differences. The floating platforms (and the lowest platform) are the life cycle of the monster. The first one is the oneto the right. It says baby monster, and it represents the 'conception' of the monster nature within everyone. The one to the left says monster slave, because a begining monster is unloved by society, so at first, the person ,may feel security in the secrecy of its own mind, keeping its thoughts to itself. Thr one at the very bottom says liberated monster, which is when the truth knower is free from doubt and uncertainty. I am at this state. The one that is second to the bottom says mother monster (illustrated by the the platform (and the people on it)above the writing). This step is when the liberated one gathers followers, and overthrows the overrated and false existing knowledge (way of living).


  1. chris, check your spelling....i love how i havent talked to you for a few weeks and the first thing i say is check your spelling...such a fool -.- well i could soooooo argue with your monsters t'ing but im not gonna cos im being a good lil angelcakes O:) meaning im feeling lazy
    love yah
    ciara :D

  2. my spelling sucks (^-^) thnks for talking to me, I only had Bre Bre, Whiteny, Faith, my dad, my mom ,and my computer for company. dang Im lonely. I miss u and dan so much. talking to you is like talking to a goddess. When I talk to u its the real me, not some person created by the hiearchy of society.
    <3 u 2 (friend love, and two, not too) (^-^)!!!

  3. awwww lol chris im not that awesome, i just dont believe in judging people and i know silly, i know the love is all friendsey or whatever. actually i havent talked to dan in a while so im feeling a lil bit guilty....ooops...exams >.<
    me again :D