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Saturday, July 2, 2011


This post is about Kannon (Kan-non), the goddess of mercy. Since the moment she could walk and talk, she wanted to be a buddhist nun, however, she was a princess, to high in power to be a nun. She wouldnt eat meat, and when she was told she was going to get married to a prince from a far away land, she ran away into the forest. Because of her dissobedience, her father the king sent a tiger to kill her, which it did. However, her father was unaware that she had gained enlightment in the forest and now that she had died, she became a bodhisatva. She went to Yomi (hell) and it instantly became a luminous paridise. Her father had become very ill. His doctor told him that only the hands and eyes of a pure person could cure him. Seeing this, Kannon took the form of a monk. The kings doctor found the 'monk' and asked for one of his hands and one of his eyes. They took the hand and eye to the king but this only cured half of his body so they did the same thing and took the other hand and eye and the king was cured. He wanted to see the an who was so kind and generous. When they found 'him', the king was devastated to see the mutilated monk. He asked how he could help him. The monk told him that he should admit all of the wrong he did to his daughter, and he would be restored. The king wasnt sure how the monk knew about his daughter, but he admit to the monk anyways. Instead of restoring the monks body, the monk transformed into the beautiful Kannon, and the king followed her teachings. THE END

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