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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

important message about autotunes and technology

K. As the title states, this is about auto tunes. I know there is conflict about this subject. As with almost everything, I am with and against it. If it is merely to make the persn sound better, I am mostly against it, however, a saying of mine is 'a singer singer is not an artist, a writer is.' And Humans are completely connected to technology, it is a part of us, it is us. Everyone uses it, and by everyone, I mean everyone. When people say technlogy and think of computer chips and screens, it ticks me off because technlogy is of broader definition. Even amish and rural people use it. Carts, bugeys, sickle, sythe, fork and plate, are all techology. Even ur bodies are technology. Technology is a way of adaption to the enviourment, just what our body does, through the senses (scanner), the brain (prossecor), and the heart (energy source/electricity). Our steriotuypical technology could even be registered as the common steriotypical life form. For something to be qualified as a scientifical life form (not religiosly, in which some of these qualities would contridict) , it must have an energy source, limited consiousness, the ability to reproduce, and at somepiont would die. For a computer, the energy source is electricity (the wires acting out like arteries (the purpose of the vien is depleted) The cnsciousness would be senses (knowing someone is using the touch pad, mouse, or keypad)and awareness of foriengh or possibly dangerous files and such, and yes, eventualy, many computers can die out. Like a DS. if u look at an inscription on the sticker that is on the bottomn, after 100 yrs , the battery life would shrink. If it were not to servive those years, it would be like murder (intentinal destruction) sickness (virus), or accidents. Yet in a way the can 'reproduce'. If a computer, TV, or game console dies out, a new battery can be placed in. This is represented by the way of thought that as long as your DNA continues in future generations, you r imortall. This saying suggest that if dna continues in another body u r immrtal, than if many DNAs continue in one body, the person is mortal. Also, as through many generations of humans, we change drasticaly, but keep basic standards, and attractions. Like attraction to sweetnes (for needed calories) round hip women (good for bearing children) and repulsion to bitterness, and the colour blue in food (both indications of poison). A computer carries the same basic technology, it just changes the frame.
Simplicity is technology, complexity is technology, our bodies are technolgy, life is technology, and technology is life.

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