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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White blood

This is the first chapter, read carefuly, this stuff will not be repeated later on.
White Blood

It was all moving by so fast. Jennifer was having a child. The only chance of protection for her from the nasty creatures that lurked in the vast, cold wildernes was the one inch thick coat that every one must wear outside, and a four foot tall tent. When the baby was born all of the men crawled in. 'Oh my, she has beautiful eyes,' Jenifer said' and her hair, long and black.' The strange thing is that even though it is very cold where they lived know one is born with a full head of hair then alone five inches of it.
Jacub slowy moved through the crowd to his wife. 'Remma,' the coat weaver 'do you have the baby's coat?' Remma went looking for the coat in her basket, flinging objents into the air, and she eventualy found it. 'Yes sir' she declaired. Jenette, the nurse who would catter to children, the elderly, and the sick, recieved the coat along with the child and slipped the coat on her.' It fits like a glove,' she excaimed'Jenifer, have you choosen a name for her?' All members of the tribe motioned closer and closer to Jenifer. She sat there stairing at the baby and said 'I guess Chri...' Just then a black and a grey wolf tore through the tent wall. They jumped in throgh the holes and the smaller one landed on two men crushing them to death (just proving how heavy they are). The Larger wolf jumped on to Jenifer, killing her as well, swipping the baby away and leaving the tent with the other wolf following just behind him.

Aragon and Lucifer trudged into the underground burrow (which was lit by lanterns that were stolen from humans). Lucifer clumsly walked just behind Aragon, becuase althoe everyone (other than Aragon) saw him as a vogue hero, he was truly just a coward. 'Move back you idiot!' snaped Aragon 'It's already bad enough that we're sentenced to Purgatory,again!' Purgatory was a boot camp for beginers and misbehaving troops in the form of a mountain. Lucifer and Aragon have been sent to Purgatory three times ( including there begining training), and if a troop goes to Purgatory more than three times they are banished, cursed to live the life of an Okami, a spirit wolf 'Now we have to take another visit to Sojobo.'
Sojobo was the king of wolves, lord of death, and some even say that he was an Okami. He bargained with a mountain hag to give him wings and magical powers. Legend says that every time he talks something dies. 'At least we can retire.' Lucifer whimpered 'Retire!' Aaragon barked 'We'll be banished and become Okami!' Lucifer looked down in dicipointment,and for the whole trip to Sojobo both didn't talk not even a cough. when they arrived at the royal underground gates of sojobo They hear his voice saying 'Enter.',ans so they did. Sojobo was'nt like any wolf that has been seen by human eyes before. He was taller than the infinate cosmos, and yet he could grow and shrink at will. He actualy wore clothing, an impereal robe to be exact, and as mentioned erlier he has wings that reach vast lenghths and alow him travel amazing distances. 'Have you brought the eternal blood' Sojobo echoed'No.' Aragon staited
'What do you mean no!'
'We didnt get the bood.'
'You incopatant fools! Well, what do you have to say for yourself?'
'We did find something of use.'
'We found a human baby.'
'And how is that useful.'
'During this time of war you are so desprate for sodiers that you've started drafting them. This human may just have potential as a warrior.'
'Maybe so, leave, leave, leave this instant, I have to think, send the baby to Purgatory'
And so they did. All though he would never admit it to the public, Sojobo was an Okami. Okami are hungry ghost wolves, always serching for somthing that will quench there constant hunger for flesh. The only thing that could quench this blood lust is the eternal blood,which is garded by two dragons, the only true enemy of the wolves. Sojobo would retreave it himself but not even the lord of deaths power could compare to a dragons magic.

Chapter 1

'The graduating clans are Dai Tsuyoi and Sumato.' congrajuated the cheif Nytzo'Sojobo himself will select one troop from each clan to go on a mission that will benefit our kind. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what the mission is, but Sojobo is becoming impatient so I will let him choose. So who will it be?'Sojobo gazed at everey troop in the three clans. Then he motioned his hand towards a tall mystyrios white wolf from the Dai clan and a muscular grey wolf from the Tsuyoi clan. It took him a longer time to choose a troop from the Sumato clan. Eventualy he pointed his finger at a pale human girl with long black hair. The three troops walked toward Sojobo, and when they got there they bowed down. 'Tall white wolf,' said Sojobo 'from now on your name shall be Ko. Strong grey wolf you shall be Teyu. Girl you shall be Kri chief of this new clan, Infan.'
'What!' gasped Teyu 'She is not fit to lead, she is only a human girl.' Sojobo rose'What! You dare challenge the will of the emperor!' Just then Teyu fell into a pit of fire.'No, no, no!' Teyu screamed. Eventualy Teyu realized that it was all an illussion.'Dont you ever defy me!' Sojobo yelled.'Yes my lord.' agreed Teyu. Sojobo walked over to Kri. 'You are the greatest troop of the highest warrior class. I beleive that you have the inner and outer strength to have a succesful outcome of the the mission I am sending you on.' said Sojobo in a somewhat softer tone 'But before I do you must become well rested from twelve years of purgatory.' Sojobo leaped up into the air and yelped 'Grab on!' and so the newly formed clan did. He flew towards the underground burrow and droped them in so they could walk to their new suite.

As Kri and the others awoken Nytzo was standing in there room. 'What are you doing here?' howled Teyu.'Sojobo sent me here to give you an urgent message.' Nytzo replied.
'Well what is it?'
'Im here to tell what your mission is.'
'Go on.'
'You must retrieve the eternal blood.'
'That doesnt sound to hard to me.'
'You will have the oppertunity to meet a real live dragon.'
'Really!' Kri ecxlaimed in a voice louder than usual (which wasnt very loud). All the eyes in the room turned to her, Kri rarely talked let alone talked loudly. Secretly she had positive thoughts about dragons, and even wanted to befriend one. She thought that they were misunderstood, and hurt from the war between the wolves and them. Nytso lead them into Main Hall, the lair of king Sojobo. Sojobo wasnt sitting in his throne when they enterd the hall. He was over at a table in the corner to the left writting things down and mumbling to himself.
'Are you okay my lord?' Nytzo asked 'Of course.' Sojobo replied while turning around. 'I have the three troops sir.'
'Yes Nytzo, pleasent.'
'Are the plans ready my lord?'
'Of coarse they are.'
'Should I send them to Lemez Creek?'
'No, that is far to dangerous. Not even I would go there, yet.'
Those words hit Kri harder than the pain of Purgatory. She had always thought of Sojobo as the most powerful being in the world. The word yet, indecated that there must be creatures much stronger than him. Kri's curiosity began to rampage about as her mind accumulated ideas of strong beings other than a dragon...
* * *

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