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Saturday, July 2, 2011


K, I am studying vodou gods at the moment ,11:38 at night. There are five main Lwa (vodou dieties).
Papa Legba
Papa Legba is seen as the gateway into the Lwa. No Lwa can be accessed without provoking him. Because of this, his worship is open to everyone. He is the god of gateways, doors, and highways. In iconography, he is represented as an old man in crutches with one or two dogs.
Agwe is the ruler of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Unlike Papa Legba, Agwe is not open for worship. His worship is only for the chosen ones. If he is worshiped without being chosen, it insults him, and it insults the chosen ones. His 2 wives are La Sirene and Ezili Freda. In iconography he is an attractive man with green eyes, wearing a captains suit, in a boat usualy with a fish.
La Sirene
La Sirene is the wife of Agwe. Her name may have been derived from the french based creole word for the Siren. Although sirens were originaly bird women, the popular image of them as mermaids may have been caused by this. She is the goddess of the restless nature of the ocean, the arts, music, beauty, the moon, and dreams.

Ezili Freda
Ezili Freda is the goddess of beauty and love. However, her attitude is the exact oppisite of her senitive titles. She completely hates women and will completely go out of her way to hartm them. If someoneserves her, she of will not give results. She is often considered lazy because she would rather paint her nails than work. Her main symbol is the heart.

Ezili Danto
Ezili Danto is the goddess of the fierce mother. Although she seems ferocious, she is far gentler than her dainty counterpart. Her ferocious form is Ezili Red Eyes, when she has to punish her children. In iconagraphy she is a dark skinned maddona with child. she has two scarrs from the war for freedom of the hatian slaves.
If any imformation is incorrect, please notify me. After all, Im not Vodou, and Im just starting tolearn about. Only Vodou practicers correct me please.

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