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Monday, July 25, 2011


Yes i am doing illustration requests 4 free!!! but since my computer is kinda broken or something, itll be a while before i post it. leave requests in the comments!!!

amida butsu

This is a digital pic of amida butsu, buddha of infinite life (love the halos) and his manifestations. Tohe right is seishi (wisdom) and to the left is kannon (compassin). srry that its kinda short but i promise ill explain more on my next post.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am doing dream readings 4 free. 4 the first few ppl, ur results may not be as proffessional as u wished, but this is because im getting back into dream reading. Just for ur hearts desire, here r some possible reasons for dreams (no one is quite sure why they happen).
1. messages from the divine.
2. messages frome the sub-consious
I myself, being a scientific religious person, believes both r true.
anyways, onto the rules!
2. No dreams from the very begining or end of ur sleep. this is because u r still kinda awake at these stages of sleep.
3. no dreams caused by stimulia, ex. sleeping on a belt produces dreams of snakes, watching a horror movie may produce nightmares. so if u had a nightmare, think back, if u saw something scary, dont tell about ur dream.
4. the meaning of ur dream will be delivered in about a day. It takes a while to figure out wat the elements in the dream mean, especialy because they may interact.
Put ur dreams in the comments!!!(^-^)

Monday, July 18, 2011

the drawing room

person: 'did u get better at animating, or is that my drunkness kicken in?
me:niether, and u should fix that. Its based off of a book i wrote, my dad animated it. NOT ME.
person:Why is that kid so emo and suicidal
me: first of all, there is nothing wrong with emos, and in the book i wrote, the minatour (correct me if i spelt it wrong) and the boy had 2 eat the bread. the bread was full of poison (the minatour is immune). earlier he learned that hguman blood poisons the minotar, so...


Again, dont tell me abou quality, this is my second video and im 12! 12!!! This is based off of my dads video 'All I Need'
heres the video

Yes, i gave u the story board. Why? because i based my vid off of this, NOT the actual animation, which doesnt cover the whole story. I didnt change much.

down the rabbit hole

yes, i know the quality stinks, u dont have 2 tell me, afterall, this is my FIRST animated video, so...


This is my third animated vid EVER, so if it looks cheep and unprofessional, keep ur stupid comments 2 urself, you tasteless hobos!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White blood

This is the first chapter, read carefuly, this stuff will not be repeated later on.
White Blood

It was all moving by so fast. Jennifer was having a child. The only chance of protection for her from the nasty creatures that lurked in the vast, cold wildernes was the one inch thick coat that every one must wear outside, and a four foot tall tent. When the baby was born all of the men crawled in. 'Oh my, she has beautiful eyes,' Jenifer said' and her hair, long and black.' The strange thing is that even though it is very cold where they lived know one is born with a full head of hair then alone five inches of it.
Jacub slowy moved through the crowd to his wife. 'Remma,' the coat weaver 'do you have the baby's coat?' Remma went looking for the coat in her basket, flinging objents into the air, and she eventualy found it. 'Yes sir' she declaired. Jenette, the nurse who would catter to children, the elderly, and the sick, recieved the coat along with the child and slipped the coat on her.' It fits like a glove,' she excaimed'Jenifer, have you choosen a name for her?' All members of the tribe motioned closer and closer to Jenifer. She sat there stairing at the baby and said 'I guess Chri...' Just then a black and a grey wolf tore through the tent wall. They jumped in throgh the holes and the smaller one landed on two men crushing them to death (just proving how heavy they are). The Larger wolf jumped on to Jenifer, killing her as well, swipping the baby away and leaving the tent with the other wolf following just behind him.

Aragon and Lucifer trudged into the underground burrow (which was lit by lanterns that were stolen from humans). Lucifer clumsly walked just behind Aragon, becuase althoe everyone (other than Aragon) saw him as a vogue hero, he was truly just a coward. 'Move back you idiot!' snaped Aragon 'It's already bad enough that we're sentenced to Purgatory,again!' Purgatory was a boot camp for beginers and misbehaving troops in the form of a mountain. Lucifer and Aragon have been sent to Purgatory three times ( including there begining training), and if a troop goes to Purgatory more than three times they are banished, cursed to live the life of an Okami, a spirit wolf 'Now we have to take another visit to Sojobo.'
Sojobo was the king of wolves, lord of death, and some even say that he was an Okami. He bargained with a mountain hag to give him wings and magical powers. Legend says that every time he talks something dies. 'At least we can retire.' Lucifer whimpered 'Retire!' Aaragon barked 'We'll be banished and become Okami!' Lucifer looked down in dicipointment,and for the whole trip to Sojobo both didn't talk not even a cough. when they arrived at the royal underground gates of sojobo They hear his voice saying 'Enter.',ans so they did. Sojobo was'nt like any wolf that has been seen by human eyes before. He was taller than the infinate cosmos, and yet he could grow and shrink at will. He actualy wore clothing, an impereal robe to be exact, and as mentioned erlier he has wings that reach vast lenghths and alow him travel amazing distances. 'Have you brought the eternal blood' Sojobo echoed'No.' Aragon staited
'What do you mean no!'
'We didnt get the bood.'
'You incopatant fools! Well, what do you have to say for yourself?'
'We did find something of use.'
'We found a human baby.'
'And how is that useful.'
'During this time of war you are so desprate for sodiers that you've started drafting them. This human may just have potential as a warrior.'
'Maybe so, leave, leave, leave this instant, I have to think, send the baby to Purgatory'
And so they did. All though he would never admit it to the public, Sojobo was an Okami. Okami are hungry ghost wolves, always serching for somthing that will quench there constant hunger for flesh. The only thing that could quench this blood lust is the eternal blood,which is garded by two dragons, the only true enemy of the wolves. Sojobo would retreave it himself but not even the lord of deaths power could compare to a dragons magic.

Chapter 1

'The graduating clans are Dai Tsuyoi and Sumato.' congrajuated the cheif Nytzo'Sojobo himself will select one troop from each clan to go on a mission that will benefit our kind. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what the mission is, but Sojobo is becoming impatient so I will let him choose. So who will it be?'Sojobo gazed at everey troop in the three clans. Then he motioned his hand towards a tall mystyrios white wolf from the Dai clan and a muscular grey wolf from the Tsuyoi clan. It took him a longer time to choose a troop from the Sumato clan. Eventualy he pointed his finger at a pale human girl with long black hair. The three troops walked toward Sojobo, and when they got there they bowed down. 'Tall white wolf,' said Sojobo 'from now on your name shall be Ko. Strong grey wolf you shall be Teyu. Girl you shall be Kri chief of this new clan, Infan.'
'What!' gasped Teyu 'She is not fit to lead, she is only a human girl.' Sojobo rose'What! You dare challenge the will of the emperor!' Just then Teyu fell into a pit of fire.'No, no, no!' Teyu screamed. Eventualy Teyu realized that it was all an illussion.'Dont you ever defy me!' Sojobo yelled.'Yes my lord.' agreed Teyu. Sojobo walked over to Kri. 'You are the greatest troop of the highest warrior class. I beleive that you have the inner and outer strength to have a succesful outcome of the the mission I am sending you on.' said Sojobo in a somewhat softer tone 'But before I do you must become well rested from twelve years of purgatory.' Sojobo leaped up into the air and yelped 'Grab on!' and so the newly formed clan did. He flew towards the underground burrow and droped them in so they could walk to their new suite.

As Kri and the others awoken Nytzo was standing in there room. 'What are you doing here?' howled Teyu.'Sojobo sent me here to give you an urgent message.' Nytzo replied.
'Well what is it?'
'Im here to tell what your mission is.'
'Go on.'
'You must retrieve the eternal blood.'
'That doesnt sound to hard to me.'
'You will have the oppertunity to meet a real live dragon.'
'Really!' Kri ecxlaimed in a voice louder than usual (which wasnt very loud). All the eyes in the room turned to her, Kri rarely talked let alone talked loudly. Secretly she had positive thoughts about dragons, and even wanted to befriend one. She thought that they were misunderstood, and hurt from the war between the wolves and them. Nytso lead them into Main Hall, the lair of king Sojobo. Sojobo wasnt sitting in his throne when they enterd the hall. He was over at a table in the corner to the left writting things down and mumbling to himself.
'Are you okay my lord?' Nytzo asked 'Of course.' Sojobo replied while turning around. 'I have the three troops sir.'
'Yes Nytzo, pleasent.'
'Are the plans ready my lord?'
'Of coarse they are.'
'Should I send them to Lemez Creek?'
'No, that is far to dangerous. Not even I would go there, yet.'
Those words hit Kri harder than the pain of Purgatory. She had always thought of Sojobo as the most powerful being in the world. The word yet, indecated that there must be creatures much stronger than him. Kri's curiosity began to rampage about as her mind accumulated ideas of strong beings other than a dragon...
* * *

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Im writing a language!

Im creating a new language! Dont know what to call it though. Heres the sylable chart.

A sounds like ah. U sounds like food. I sounds like eat. Ai sounds like I. O sounds like oh.
Ng is a suffix like king. Gi is pronounced ji. BYE BYE BOOOOOO (^-^)!!!

important message about autotunes and technology

K. As the title states, this is about auto tunes. I know there is conflict about this subject. As with almost everything, I am with and against it. If it is merely to make the persn sound better, I am mostly against it, however, a saying of mine is 'a singer singer is not an artist, a writer is.' And Humans are completely connected to technology, it is a part of us, it is us. Everyone uses it, and by everyone, I mean everyone. When people say technlogy and think of computer chips and screens, it ticks me off because technlogy is of broader definition. Even amish and rural people use it. Carts, bugeys, sickle, sythe, fork and plate, are all techology. Even ur bodies are technology. Technology is a way of adaption to the enviourment, just what our body does, through the senses (scanner), the brain (prossecor), and the heart (energy source/electricity). Our steriotuypical technology could even be registered as the common steriotypical life form. For something to be qualified as a scientifical life form (not religiosly, in which some of these qualities would contridict) , it must have an energy source, limited consiousness, the ability to reproduce, and at somepiont would die. For a computer, the energy source is electricity (the wires acting out like arteries (the purpose of the vien is depleted) The cnsciousness would be senses (knowing someone is using the touch pad, mouse, or keypad)and awareness of foriengh or possibly dangerous files and such, and yes, eventualy, many computers can die out. Like a DS. if u look at an inscription on the sticker that is on the bottomn, after 100 yrs , the battery life would shrink. If it were not to servive those years, it would be like murder (intentinal destruction) sickness (virus), or accidents. Yet in a way the can 'reproduce'. If a computer, TV, or game console dies out, a new battery can be placed in. This is represented by the way of thought that as long as your DNA continues in future generations, you r imortall. This saying suggest that if dna continues in another body u r immrtal, than if many DNAs continue in one body, the person is mortal. Also, as through many generations of humans, we change drasticaly, but keep basic standards, and attractions. Like attraction to sweetnes (for needed calories) round hip women (good for bearing children) and repulsion to bitterness, and the colour blue in food (both indications of poison). A computer carries the same basic technology, it just changes the frame.
Simplicity is technology, complexity is technology, our bodies are technolgy, life is technology, and technology is life.

Friday, July 8, 2011

MOTHER MONSTER, FAME MONSTER(again Im not shouting! Ok, now I am (>->)

This the second picture for the set EVOLUTION OF THE MONSTER. This picture is called mother monster. Monster is someone who reveals the unjudging truth. I chose this analogy because the 'monsters' are shunned from society, because people are used to what is false. Like Galileo. When he proposed the Copericus solar sistem (in which the Earth and other planets evolve around the sun) to society he was arested because it was illegal to go againts the Ptomaic system (in which everything evolves around the earth). Like Buddha said 'A man who speeks beautifuly, is a lier.' In other words, the Ptomaic system made people on Earth feel important and special, being the center of the universe, even though it was wrong. Lady GaGa is a monster because her philosophy is that everyonre is an artist, and art is all about different perspective , so if someone judges someone else because of their different perspectives would be judging someone for their undenyable differences. The floating platforms (and the lowest platform) are the life cycle of the monster. The first one is the oneto the right. It says baby monster, and it represents the 'conception' of the monster nature within everyone. The one to the left says monster slave, because a begining monster is unloved by society, so at first, the person ,may feel security in the secrecy of its own mind, keeping its thoughts to itself. Thr one at the very bottom says liberated monster, which is when the truth knower is free from doubt and uncertainty. I am at this state. The one that is second to the bottom says mother monster (illustrated by the the platform (and the people on it)above the writing). This step is when the liberated one gathers followers, and overthrows the overrated and false existing knowledge (way of living).

BABY MONSTER, THE FAME (no Im not shouting, it is mererly exitement (^-^)

Wow! How aspicious! (?-?), I know thats how u feel. Im doing my 8th post, 8 signifies weath and health in china! Anyways, heres my new pic!

Its dedicated to, *drumroll*... LADY GAGA. That is her and her (imaginary) 'monster' sisters. The platform she is standing on says her name lady gaga in japanese. The platform below her says baby monster ,just what she was (metiphoricaly) when she was writing THE FAME. The two floating platforms say, pop heart. This is the first of a set of three. BYEBYE BOOO (^-^)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


dw, I have the tendancy to go online when Im bored, srry. Im just listening to some music d-_-b. Kinda irritated cuz the actors on the TV show my little sis is watching are so fake (>_>).*yawn* no, Im not sleepy, (-_-)ZZZzzz... (o-o) Kay! Im awake! Byebye Booooo!!!(^-^)


This is a poem/speech I wrote on human/animal mentality. Enjoy!!!(^u^)
We all slip and make mistakes, and when we do we can forget whats real. We could loose touch with reality so fast we dont notice it. Sometimes you need to let the wind in. Open the heart, the mind, the eyes, your soul. Being open is a supirior character, but sometimes the door must shut so we are not rendered a fool. The real world is thought. Someday in the future we may understand the fascinating content of thought of a cat and dogs mind. Today we in the present are creating a harsh, but scattered with morals, past. But we are saving and storring and starting and stoping to create a bright and honorful future. I am letting the wind whistle in my ear and I hear it saying "The war is over, the peace has returned, go home and paint." But instead I stand at the beach waiting for what makes us human, conflict. Through the vast journey of my life I have asked a dosen question, but one has been boggling my mind. Am I looking out or looking in?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


K, I am studying vodou gods at the moment ,11:38 at night. There are five main Lwa (vodou dieties).
Papa Legba
Papa Legba is seen as the gateway into the Lwa. No Lwa can be accessed without provoking him. Because of this, his worship is open to everyone. He is the god of gateways, doors, and highways. In iconography, he is represented as an old man in crutches with one or two dogs.
Agwe is the ruler of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Unlike Papa Legba, Agwe is not open for worship. His worship is only for the chosen ones. If he is worshiped without being chosen, it insults him, and it insults the chosen ones. His 2 wives are La Sirene and Ezili Freda. In iconography he is an attractive man with green eyes, wearing a captains suit, in a boat usualy with a fish.
La Sirene
La Sirene is the wife of Agwe. Her name may have been derived from the french based creole word for the Siren. Although sirens were originaly bird women, the popular image of them as mermaids may have been caused by this. She is the goddess of the restless nature of the ocean, the arts, music, beauty, the moon, and dreams.

Ezili Freda
Ezili Freda is the goddess of beauty and love. However, her attitude is the exact oppisite of her senitive titles. She completely hates women and will completely go out of her way to hartm them. If someoneserves her, she of will not give results. She is often considered lazy because she would rather paint her nails than work. Her main symbol is the heart.

Ezili Danto
Ezili Danto is the goddess of the fierce mother. Although she seems ferocious, she is far gentler than her dainty counterpart. Her ferocious form is Ezili Red Eyes, when she has to punish her children. In iconagraphy she is a dark skinned maddona with child. she has two scarrs from the war for freedom of the hatian slaves.
If any imformation is incorrect, please notify me. After all, Im not Vodou, and Im just starting tolearn about. Only Vodou practicers correct me please.


Ok u may be kinda confused about the title but, I have a friend Ciara, and I havent seen her at all on Habbo (social network), and I dont wanna tell her on (^u^) \V/(emoticon I made for face book) cuz I dont want to annoy her. hmmmm.... oh, dw, I do that alot, especial when Im thinking, or recieve alot of info. Got any solutions?


This post is about Kannon (Kan-non), the goddess of mercy. Since the moment she could walk and talk, she wanted to be a buddhist nun, however, she was a princess, to high in power to be a nun. She wouldnt eat meat, and when she was told she was going to get married to a prince from a far away land, she ran away into the forest. Because of her dissobedience, her father the king sent a tiger to kill her, which it did. However, her father was unaware that she had gained enlightment in the forest and now that she had died, she became a bodhisatva. She went to Yomi (hell) and it instantly became a luminous paridise. Her father had become very ill. His doctor told him that only the hands and eyes of a pure person could cure him. Seeing this, Kannon took the form of a monk. The kings doctor found the 'monk' and asked for one of his hands and one of his eyes. They took the hand and eye to the king but this only cured half of his body so they did the same thing and took the other hand and eye and the king was cured. He wanted to see the an who was so kind and generous. When they found 'him', the king was devastated to see the mutilated monk. He asked how he could help him. The monk told him that he should admit all of the wrong he did to his daughter, and he would be restored. The king wasnt sure how the monk knew about his daughter, but he admit to the monk anyways. Instead of restoring the monks body, the monk transformed into the beautiful Kannon, and the king followed her teachings. THE END

2040, MY STORY!

This is the beging of the story Im writing about a girl who moves from California to New York... but horrible things are destined to happen before she reaches her destination.
I got in the car. The amount of boredom I was feeling was unfathomable.I looked out the window to see my classmates, my niehbors, my friends, my enemys, everyone I knew pass by in the wind, like I never knew them. Me and my mother where moving from California to New York. It was the year 2040. Most families couldnt afford to live in the same home. They had to live in different houses, cities, states, or even countries in some cases. I had moved alot, but where ever I went it didnt mater, I hated every city, every state, every country.
You see, in the last decade or so, the aristocrats of modern society tricked leaders into sheding a light of favor onto them, giving them extra rights. And, the former middle class has to pay taxes to sustane there fabulous life style because of the greedy deceptive ways of the upper class. We werelike the surfs, the slaves of midevil Russia. We were practicaly owned by wealthy buisness owners (seeing that creative and practical jobs had almost died out along with the intrest in art or the believe in hope bringing magic). We could only make a change in career every three years (seeing that loss of employment was a large contribution to the decline of many prosperous buisnesses).
When I look at a year I see just a big mass of fighting and contriversies, the cold numbers dont help either. 2040. in China, 4 symbolised death. The year was death times ten. It sounds rediculous, and yet, thats just how it felt. I wish years were words, like, year of the lotus or year of the rose. However, many rescent years would end up with a pessimistic title like year of the spreading hatred. this year would most likely be titled the year of growing death. As Chinese numerology had suggested, the death rate rose 10 percent.
In the last seven months of the year, my father died in a car accident, and my twin brothers died stillborn. Due to new medical discoveries, people lived longer, but as Kuma ali (an Arabic philosopher) once said, 'The longer one lives, the more likely it is they succumb to murder'. Still, a few fortunate things happened to this desperated planet. Tension in the far east (Japan verses Korea) due to unfaireness in the trade system dissolved gentely into all of the other resolved problems of the world. Due to violence and querrels caused by the upper class, dynasties founded apon the modern era of technology or the older industrial age were demolished and reverted back into the primitive ways of midevil times.
In the 'Democratic' countries, leaders made bills that went under the classification of 'Happy Laws'. These so called Happy Laws, were created to ocupy the poor. They were things to distract the poor from on going trouble, and they prevented them from rising up against the rich and the leaders who graced them with their favor. Happy laws were things like new buildings, or new hospitals.
In 2034, The Royal House of Windsor ended when all possible heirs to the throne were assasinated by a vigalantee group that took the name Blood Troupers. Their modo was 'Peace may only come when blood of the royal family is spilled'. Although Sophia was the head of the violent troupers, Alexander (her senior supervisor) took the crown, even though that was the oposite of what they planned. Originaly, they were going to overthrow The Royal House of Windsor (which had become a monarchy) and start a democracy. Instead, Alexander traveled over to the far east and added Kyushu Japan to his empire and that is when he took the title Alexander the Great II. He fantisised about taking over all of the far east. He studied war tactics from the greatest empires like the Mongols, the Russ, and his favorite, Alexander the Great. As i looked over ressent events, I was saddend. Originaly I did it to ocupy myself, and to avoid listening to my mother go on about how when she was a kid, everything seemed horrible but how nothing came close to the current state of the world. She sighed and said 'Sometimes I wish I could go back.' She drove into a Mcdonald's driveway and said 'You know, Mcdonald's is older than your grandfather.' My eyes opened at exitement and intrest. How could a restraunt last so long. Before she makes her order, she says 'Its months older than a hundred year of ages.' My mind was booming with intrest in the time in which my mother grew up, but I couldnt ask any more questions because she was ordering our meals.

Hello. This is my first post. K. This is a Manadala (kinda different from othodox mandalas). The one to the left is dedicated to Danichi Nyorai, who represents the all knowing nature of purity and the mirror like nature of knowledge and the mind.. I represented this by making the triangle in the middle black, representing the mind, empty, and yet so luminious. The murky colours around it represents what is relatively wrong. The brighter colours around that are the purer, truer thoughts. The empty mind in the center emcompasses all ideas, but the mind itself is not affected by the thoughts, it mearly reflects them. The one to the right is dedicated to Amida Nyorai, the Buddha of never ending light. Self explanitory.