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Saturday, July 2, 2011

2040, MY STORY!

This is the beging of the story Im writing about a girl who moves from California to New York... but horrible things are destined to happen before she reaches her destination.
I got in the car. The amount of boredom I was feeling was unfathomable.I looked out the window to see my classmates, my niehbors, my friends, my enemys, everyone I knew pass by in the wind, like I never knew them. Me and my mother where moving from California to New York. It was the year 2040. Most families couldnt afford to live in the same home. They had to live in different houses, cities, states, or even countries in some cases. I had moved alot, but where ever I went it didnt mater, I hated every city, every state, every country.
You see, in the last decade or so, the aristocrats of modern society tricked leaders into sheding a light of favor onto them, giving them extra rights. And, the former middle class has to pay taxes to sustane there fabulous life style because of the greedy deceptive ways of the upper class. We werelike the surfs, the slaves of midevil Russia. We were practicaly owned by wealthy buisness owners (seeing that creative and practical jobs had almost died out along with the intrest in art or the believe in hope bringing magic). We could only make a change in career every three years (seeing that loss of employment was a large contribution to the decline of many prosperous buisnesses).
When I look at a year I see just a big mass of fighting and contriversies, the cold numbers dont help either. 2040. in China, 4 symbolised death. The year was death times ten. It sounds rediculous, and yet, thats just how it felt. I wish years were words, like, year of the lotus or year of the rose. However, many rescent years would end up with a pessimistic title like year of the spreading hatred. this year would most likely be titled the year of growing death. As Chinese numerology had suggested, the death rate rose 10 percent.
In the last seven months of the year, my father died in a car accident, and my twin brothers died stillborn. Due to new medical discoveries, people lived longer, but as Kuma ali (an Arabic philosopher) once said, 'The longer one lives, the more likely it is they succumb to murder'. Still, a few fortunate things happened to this desperated planet. Tension in the far east (Japan verses Korea) due to unfaireness in the trade system dissolved gentely into all of the other resolved problems of the world. Due to violence and querrels caused by the upper class, dynasties founded apon the modern era of technology or the older industrial age were demolished and reverted back into the primitive ways of midevil times.
In the 'Democratic' countries, leaders made bills that went under the classification of 'Happy Laws'. These so called Happy Laws, were created to ocupy the poor. They were things to distract the poor from on going trouble, and they prevented them from rising up against the rich and the leaders who graced them with their favor. Happy laws were things like new buildings, or new hospitals.
In 2034, The Royal House of Windsor ended when all possible heirs to the throne were assasinated by a vigalantee group that took the name Blood Troupers. Their modo was 'Peace may only come when blood of the royal family is spilled'. Although Sophia was the head of the violent troupers, Alexander (her senior supervisor) took the crown, even though that was the oposite of what they planned. Originaly, they were going to overthrow The Royal House of Windsor (which had become a monarchy) and start a democracy. Instead, Alexander traveled over to the far east and added Kyushu Japan to his empire and that is when he took the title Alexander the Great II. He fantisised about taking over all of the far east. He studied war tactics from the greatest empires like the Mongols, the Russ, and his favorite, Alexander the Great. As i looked over ressent events, I was saddend. Originaly I did it to ocupy myself, and to avoid listening to my mother go on about how when she was a kid, everything seemed horrible but how nothing came close to the current state of the world. She sighed and said 'Sometimes I wish I could go back.' She drove into a Mcdonald's driveway and said 'You know, Mcdonald's is older than your grandfather.' My eyes opened at exitement and intrest. How could a restraunt last so long. Before she makes her order, she says 'Its months older than a hundred year of ages.' My mind was booming with intrest in the time in which my mother grew up, but I couldnt ask any more questions because she was ordering our meals.

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