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Sunday, September 11, 2011

...That Summer Dream

...That Summer Dream
Alex took a look out the window, gazing at the passing clouds, completly unaware of his little brother screaming in his room, or his mother with the TV's volume at one hundred. He heard a knock at the door which broke his concentration. He answered the door to see James twiddleing with his fingers looking down at his feet. 'Hi! How are you?' Alex said with a smile on his face, his blonde hair covering one of his eyes. 'Im okay, Katy wanted to know if you wanted to take a walk at the park.' said James with a calm and content look on his face. Alex thought about if for a second, looking over his schedual and finaly said 'Sure.' On the way to Katys house, Alex stopped walking for a second, and kneeled down to grab something on the sidewalk. 'Alex?' James questioned 'Yeah' he replied
'What are you doing?'
'This flower...'
'What about it?'
'It was Ema's, and its on the ground.'
'I havent seen her in a long time.'
'She went up north to see her dad remember?'
'Still, something doesnt feel right... Like.... Somethings wronge... Differnt'
'Whatever, just get the flower so we can go get Katy.'
'Okay...' Alex said as he got up with the flower dangling from his fingers. When they got to Katy's house, Alex lightly knocked on the door, and her father answered. 'Yes?' He asked 'We're freinds of Katy we were gonna go take a walk in the park.' James replied
'Oh, she just left actualy, but didnt tell me where she went. She just stormed out the door.'
'Okay, Alex you just wanna go with me instead?'
'Sure, come on lets go.' Replied Alex. They walked over to the park and when they got there, they were quite surprised to see Katy sitting on a swing, looking quite upset. James ran over to her and got on the swing to her right, Alex taking the one to the left. 'Whats wronge?' James asked 'Nothing...' she replied
'No, theres something wronge, I can just tell.'
'Im serious just... leave me alone....'
'Why did you call us here then?'
'I wanted to talk to Alex...'
'Okay...' James said climbing up the slide to spy on what they were saying. 'I have a feeling we're getting a bit too old for this park.' Alex said trying to cheer her up, but she still had that dismal look on her face. 'Remember when Ema went up north on her birthday?'  Katy said, in an almost whispering voice 'Of coarse, its actualy kind of hard to forget'
'She was shot by Brian.'Alex was completly stunned and speechless 'Ema tried to kill his brother Jason while on a train when he tried to stab her. Brian seeing his dieing brother in a hospital, he avenged it...'  Tears fell down Katy's face, and after a few seconds Alex burst into tears. Seeing the two crying, James came down and asked what happened, and after a few minutes of blaintly holding back his tears for masculities sake, he cried as well. 'I told alex first because he knew her best... My mum just told me today. The fact that Alex knew Ema better than her own sister...' Katy whimpered 'Why... What monster would do this... He's insane....'
 Alex tried to speak,but failed, the tears fell into his shirt and onto the ground. James walked over and hugged Alex to comfort him, but he was still upset, still pondering apon why this happened. He had never had someone this close to him die, it didnt register in his brain, it made zero sense.'I didnt get to say my last goodbye...' With tears falling from his eyes and a frown on his face James says 'We have to make the most of it, shes gone and we have to accept it. We still have eachother.' With that said, Alex hugged him even tighter and tried to smile. Katy wipped her tears off, stood up with a strong look on her face, and walked over to James. ' Where ever you are, there is eden, when i am without you, I am tortured, even more so when we are together, for I am reminded that someday you will be gone, just a faded thought  that no one will remeber. I think of you whenever your gone, I know we will only be freinds, but i dont mind that...'
James couldnt hold it anymore, the tears came back, and both Katy and Alex treid to comfort him at no success. The thoughts came into their heads. What have we done to diserve this? Why us? This couldnt have been a coincindence, a thing of destiny, it wasnt ment to happen... Katy was right, they were just flys in a web, a grain of sand on a beach, merely a peice to the puzzle, no individual signifigence. Yet why did they care? Why did it give them so much pain? No one could say.
'I dont want to move on, im hoping in my heart it was a differnt Ema, that this was a terrible prank, and that we are just waiting for her to come back, but im just fooling myself' Alex went back to look at the sky, and James walked Katy home.

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